Friday, 13 February 2009

Progress Evaluation

I have looked at existing motion graphics in the industry such as TV adverts, opening TV sequences, film titles, E4 stings, this has helped inform my design decisions in various ways it has helped with figuring out correct timings and appropriate information for frames, it has informed me how to keep viewers interested throughout and how to capture there interest in a subject. Looking at original E4 stings and idents has led me to use the structure and style in my related E4 animation. I have become more observant when it comes to any motion graphics to gain more knowledge of tricks and techniques that are possible.

I have had a wide range of ideas for this brief and have story boarded them all i have also tested them in after affects as well to show what did work and what wouldn't i then asked others what they thought to each of my tests in order to make correct decisions of which idea communicated best. i feel i could of developed them even more though if having more time i would of continued to develop each idea separately.

My aims were to communicate top ten best voice actors in a humorous cartoon way but also sticking to the E4 style to answer the brief, i think my audience would be anyone who was interested in cartoons and still is interested in them but not necessarily children as it would probably to complex of a topic to understand so an age range of 13 - 50

My finished resolution hasn't successfully communicated the message as i found out in my final presentation so due to the lack of time to make changes it had to stay the same, i don't feel it has met my aims and objectives completely but it is humorous and relates to the E4 style slightly.

I think my problem with the disappointing resolution is down to the fact that i hadn't fully understood my message and decided on a difficult subject to visualize i tried to overcome this by focussing on sound instead of image which is why the sequence doesn't flow throughout.

I have explored various ideas and tested them with others to hear different opinions and views from a distance before committing to a final idea.

I managed my time well around workshops and timetabled sessions and made the most of the specialist staff who were always available to help solve problems with after effects but not usually iweb i also found that i had more problems creating my iweb on the computers in college than on my own mac.

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