Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Motion graphics: Evaluation and Review

What have you learned about your abilities as a designer?

I have learnt that i prefer creating final pieces on computer software to print pieces, this is because i feel that i can come up with the ideas but cant make/put together a practical resolution. Although i need alot more help and practice with the software as i am just becoming used to After effects, i think with a little more time and practice my skills will improve.
I have also learnt that when working with new software i find it difficult to work with a minimal amount of time and would of liked longer to keep developing and reworking my idea, i feel i would of produced more and had a better resolution. This is because after effects takes alot of time and patience and time is always needed for things to go wrong.
I feel i have a lot of patience in this area when problems do occur, i can usually correct them and carry on without panicking it also takes a lot of organization amongst files to keep everything in working order.
I have learn't not to rely on technology and that I web and after effects always cause problems and time needs to be planned out for this to happen.

What specific areas of interest have you identified and why do they interest you?

I am mainly interested in motion graphics although looking at my work i am slightly disappointed with how my final piece looks and would of really appreciated more time to make it up to standards as i really enjoy working on after effects and want to improve my skills. It has made me more observant with everyday motion graphics such as TV commercials and films i find myself paying attention to how things could of been created, and i will hopefully be completing my work experience in this area. I am not as interested in web design although this could be down to that fact that i didnt really like working with the iweb program as i was restricted with what i could do and found it very unreliable

What practical skills have you developed and how have you used them?

I have gained the knowledge of working in i web and how to put a basic website together, i have also gained the organizational skills to make sure everything will work correctly and to always back up my files. I have became slightly more confident with working in after effects and have put my skills to test with sound and animation in this program. I have also learnt additional things within this brief such as editing found video in i movie and reworking sound files in logic with help from a friend i feel that there was a lot more skills needed for this than just being able to use after effects and i found it very difficult all though i have successfully used my skills to the best i can. I now understand that story boarding an idea is a must before working on the software as it helps with visualizing what needs to happen on screen.

What personal skills have you developed and how have you used them?

I have learnt how to manage lots of different files in order to complete my i web and animation, which made me learn how to plan my time effectively for creating and testing constantly on other macs and asking others what works and doesn't with my final pieces. I have also learnt that i enjoy this type of design the most and have tried to use my knowledge of the softwares from the workshops and additional help to the best i can .

What areas do you feel you need to improve on?

I feel that this module wasn't long enough to learn how to use the software create an animation and a website as well as editing sound files. In order to improve on my animation and i web i needed more time to keep reworking and developing my ideas as it takes patience and cant be rushed, i will now continue to do this outside of the course. My animation isn't very successful at communicating the correct message and doesn't flow very well either if i had chance to do this again i wouldn't of picked such a difficult topic to visualize and probably should of stuck to my initial idea of top ten best villains.
I would also test out more colour ways for my website as others have suggested it although i wanted to stick to the illustrative style throughout and not just reflect original cartoon sites.

General Comments

Overall i have enjoyed this module but i'm disappointed with my final resolutions because this is what i really enjoy doing and i will definitely need to improve my skills in After effects to be able to proceed at developing my style in this field.

How would you grade yourself on the following areas:
(please indicate using an ‘x’)

5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor

Attendance 5
Punctuality 5
Motivation 4
Commitment 3
Quantity of work produced 4
Quality of work produced 3
Contribution to the group 5

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