Monday, 19 January 2009

Website influence for i web portfolio

I think this website is really interesting because it keeps you hooked for a while just reading all of the random words that it comes out with just by pressing one of the titles it changes the sentences.. created by twisttori

I love the layout of this site and how all the little illustrations move could be an interesting idea for my character work also each link you click on makes a musical noise.

A random site with an attitude quite amusing but just plain and simple.

A very digital based website wouldn't really be appropriate for my theme but its an a different way of creating a site

I have looked at the most popular cartoon websites as that is the closest related topic to my theme, all three of these are pretty much the same similar layout and menus and all scroll downwards.

so i decided to look at other sites that interest me and why they do and if they are easy to use... kate morross is site is simple and straight to the point set out like a blog page

Eleanor bowleys site is more appropriate to her style it is a brand like i have to include and is all themed around her style of working, i like the layout of this site and how it doesnt fit the whole screen...

I web induction

Heres my first attempt at iweb

I really like the layout of the family guy story boards and think i could base my theme around this as it relates to what area i am interested in and also my subject

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