Tuesday, 6 January 2009

E4 Stings

Here are three e4 stings i found interesting and some humourous, they all have the e4 brand colour purple and simple backing music, they also all have unusual but an inventive way of producing the e4 logo.

Because i am creating the opening tv sequence i need to look at opening titles to see how much information they give away about their programme and what they use to hook the viewers...

Here is an opening sequence for disorder tv
This sequence keeps you hooked with the use of flowing aspects throughout the scenes emphasised with the quick paced music causing a build up.a The intriguing images and use of mixed media is also attention grabbing and aesthetically pleasing. There is no typography throughout until the end so its very easy on the eye. I think its intended for a young disordered audience (from the word disorder intends that its for an audience who are anti the original) such as young adults interested in music and fashion/art.

I am using cartoon in my opening sequence so i have been analysing some existing cartoon titles this hong kong phoey one keeps the viewers guessing and watching with the rhetorical question of guessing who the super guy is... I could use this technique with my top ten.

Most opening credits on tv show a preview of whats to come in the show an its usually one of the best bits to keep the viewer watching.

The big brother advert includes the e4 branding and logo but also keeps to its original big brother theme with the eye and use of type.

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