Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Digital Media-Motion Graphics

I have waited for ages for this module and have always wanted to learn motion graphics

I really like this one because someone is actually drawing the type whilst it is moving id like to have a go at this with my type possibly use my hands to animate the font, such as for pop i could actually use a pin to make it look as though i am popping the word!

Because i am only allowed to use type i could make images with the type alot like this animation

l love the whole idea of being able to interact with the animation like this animation

I love the Juno film titles and would love to be able to create something like this


The new game little big planet is great the characters you can make are so cute and you can even design your own levels the website is very interactive and allows you to create your own widget heres some screen shots

Loco Roco is also a great game and this advert gave me an idea how to animate my word pop

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